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Pavilion Programme!

Contact: Office: enquiries@endeavourparkpicton.co.nz, 03 5735400.

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  • 10am: Tumble Tots
  • 6pm: Yoga Class


  • 10am: Modified Tai Chi
  • 6pm: Aikido (adults)


  • 7pm: Indoor Bowls
  • Once a month: Queen Charlotte Friendship and Fellowship


  • 10am: Table Tennis for Adults
  • 5pm Aikido (kids)
  • 6pm: Aikido (adults)


  • 9.15am Yoga Class


  • Football
  • Rugby


  • 7pm: Table Tennis

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Our Mission Statement:

To engage the Community of Picton and provide financially sustainable facilities affordable for everyone

The Port Marlborough Pavilion set amongst the green hills of Picton


The Port Marlborough Pavilion at Endeavour Park has been developed by an Incorporated Society with volunteer committee members from various business, sporting clubs and recreational backgrounds within Picton. It has been well supported by the Marlborough District Council and various local business sponsorship.

It has been designed as a multi-functional sports and community facility that can cater to the sports codes, as well as providing space for recreational classes and simultaneous social functions. There is also be provision for large events to be held on the Reserve through an external power supply and public toilets.

The Society is registered as a Charitable Entity and therefore attracts tax credits and tax deductions for any individual or business who chooses to make donations or become part of the sponsorship programme to this worthwhile community project, both now and into the future.

Look out for open days, fundraising activities and club pages and keep an eye on our building development of stage two as it progresses.

Kids Playing Soccer at Endeavour Park Picton

Junior Soccer